Host Now, Pay Later!!!!

What is the HOST NOW, PAY LATER?

As you may already be able to guess, the HOST NOW, PAY LATER simply means we will host your website for you and then you can pay us  later!

How does this work?

Straightforward and easy:

  • First, you contact us and tell us the type of hosting you want;
  • Then, go on by ordering for your hosting, in the additional notes. Write "HOST NOW, PAY LATER". 
  • You will get a reply from us,  within 24 hours or less;
  • Then after some consultations and dialogue, and we are good to go.
  • You will make a deposit (usually 30% of your hosting cost) and then we will talk on how you will pay the rest, the date, how long(maximum: 2 Months) and how much you will be paying
You are XXX and you need a Shared Hosting of Personal
· XXX emails us and tells us he wants a Shared Hosting of Personal
· Which costs 15,120.00k 
· XXX pays the 30% of that ammount (which is ₦4,536) and get his Shared Hosting completed in 12 hours or less 
· XXX then agrees to spread and pay the balance in 2 Months, i.e he will pay 40% (₦6,048) more next month and the remaining 30% (₦4,536) balance at the end of the second month.

XXX takes his time, enjoys the full reward a hosting has to offer, the credibility and all the ernomous advantages - all at the cost he can afford.

With the HOST NOW, PAY LATER, do i still get the full package?

If what you mean by "the full package" is your HOSTING with AMAZING Features. Then, Yes! you still get the full package as we will give you all. 

Are there Terms and Conditions?

Yes, there are:

  1. 30% DEPOSIT OF YOUR PROJECT COST IS ABSOLUTELY COMPULSORY (e.g: if your HOSTING cost is ₦60,000, you must pay 30% of ₦60,000, which is ₦18,000 before we can start work on your website)
  2. YOU MUST PROVIDE FULL INFORMATION ON HOW YOU WILL PAY THE BALANCE (e.g: I will pay 10% of the total ammount every week till i finish paying)
  3. YOU MUST NOT DEFAULT AT ANY TIME. (You cannot miss the 10% of a particular week and now say you will pay it together next week) NO, YOU MUST FULFIL YOUR PAYMENT
    If you say 10% every week, you must pay 10% every week, you must not default.

Is the 30% all i need to pay to get my HOSTING available online?

Yes, the 30% is all you need to pay to get your deployed online!.

 Will you write it somewhere on my Website that i am yet to completely pay for the website?

No. Of course not, your website will be perfect and no third party will have a clue that you are yet to pay completely.


Thursday, September 27, 2018

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